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Mediterranean Business Services is a leading company formation agent and business brokerspecialised in providing banks, insurance companies and other similar financial corporate structures in a variety of the best jurisdictions for incorporation and operation of financial entities. Our aim is to broker and provide our clients with the quickest and most immediate solutions to their banking needs by providing custom services and packages of immediately ready-to-use companies with relevant licenses to carry on all types of banking, Forex, investment, Crypto-currency, insurance and other financial transactions on an immediate basis. Our packages aim to provide banking and financial institutions equipped with all of the items, services and products necessary to function as comprehensive, all-service entities capable of providing the client with a full array of banking services under one roof. We work with a variety of jurisdictions around the world including such well-known banking havens as; the Bahamas, Belize, The Cayman Islands, Dominica and others to provide the best comprehensive solution that will best serve the proposed banks and clients worldwide. We examine clients’ needs and proposed banking operations and provide the best tailored solution that will give them the financial or banking entity that best suits their needs to fulfilall of their requirements for the minimum cost possible. Our packages include all of the elements needed to get your bank up and running with minimum time and cost andwith maximum speed. We will set you up with the very best banking entity in the very best jurisdiction in minimum time to ensure you can be attracting clients to your entity with the minimum of restrictions, problems or bureaucratic roadblocks possible. Please read about our banks and see our packages page for further details on the many choices we have available.
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